Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 19/75-20/75 That white stuff.

What a strange couple of days.

Yesterday I went to that nonmath class, finished the test and then crashed another class I didn't have. Well... kinda. I was standing in front of the bulletin board outside the music office when I got snagged by my advanced Pro Tools teacher. He dragged me into the lab room and showed me what we did in class (which consisted of dissecting the "I'm on a horse" video that aired during the superbowl. It was a lesson in working in a linear fashion vs non-linear. It worked pretty well) It's nice having a teacher that can start a class early, show you what you missed the day before (due to cold) in about 30 minutes and then send you on your way. He's a pretty cool guy.

After that, I trudged through the sleetrainsnow to grab food at Mcfatthighs. It was there that I had a revelation. While thinking about how I could improve my resume and this improve my chances of getting down to Savannah, where it was somewhat warm and snow-free, I devised a project that would involve 2 schools and an event from my past that I owe quite a lot to. It originally started as a large project for me to work through, and then became a large project for me oversee and have many other people work through. I don't know why but in my mind I have the image of me as an octopus stretching out my 8 arms which each terminate in a person. I'm weird. Anyway, that project is in its next phase: approval from those people above me, but not at the very top. After that I'll probably have to talk to the man at the top, and then another man at a different top. I dont make much sense huh? You'll all find out soon enough, suffice to say that this plan is genius.

The MTA however is anything but. Last night on my way home I stood on Main St. for 45 minutes waiting for the Q25. In Snowmageddeon. It sucked. I also came to the revelation that maybe I don't have the best shoes to deal with this kind of weather.

As for today, as you may have noticed all NYC schools are closed. Its a good thing too because I didnt wake up until 4 anyway. So much for that schedule I was talking about, but that'll happen when you don't sleep for 2 days. I will cut this blog short because I don't really have much to write about. Until tomorrow loyal reader...

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  1. You have not kept up with updating this blog!